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In 2023, the Immsi Group boosted profitability, posting very significant profit margins that enabled it to report EBITDA of 307.8 million euro, its highest full-year figure ever, with an EBITDA margin of 15.2%, and net profit of 54.9 million euro, including minorities. Despite continuing geopolitical and macroeconomic complexities, the Group will proceed with its growth program while keeping a constant focus on the efficient management of its business and financial structure to ensure a flexible and immediate response to the challenges of 2024.


  • Consolidated net sales 2,021.1 million euro (2,126.1 €/mln in 2022)
  • EBITDA 307.8 million euro, the highest result to date, up 1% (287.3 €/mln in 2022). EBITDA margin 15.2% (13.5% in 2022)
  • EBIT 160.8 million euro, up 11.9% (143.7 €/mln in 2022). EBIT margin 8% (6.8% in 2022)
  • Profit before tax 90.9 million euro (96.8 €/mln in 2022) subject to tax totalling 36 million euro (33 €/mln in 2022)
  • Net profit including minorities 54.9 million euro (63.9 €/mln in 2022); minority interests 35.8 €/mln at 31.12.2023 (36.8 €/mln in 2022)
  • Immsi Group consolidated net financial position –827.4 million euro (-731.7 €/mln at 31.12.2022)
  • Capital expenditure 6 million euro (154.5 €/mln in 2022)
  • Dividend: proposed final per-share dividend 2.5 eurocents (total dividend for the year, including the interim payout, 4 eurocents per share)

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  • Authorisation for the purchase and disposal of own shares
  • Shareholders’ Meeting called in ordinary and extraordinary session; proposal to adopt the one-tier corporate governance system
  • Approval of the Non-Financial Disclosure

Mantua, 19 March 2024 – At a meeting today chaired by Matteo Colaninno, the Board of Directors of Immsi S.p.A. (IMS.MI), examined and approved the draft financial statements and the Immsi Group consolidated financial statements for 2023 as well as the consolidated non-financial disclosure at 31 December 20231.

1The 2023 draft financial statements and the Immsi Group 2023 consolidated financial statements have been prepared with the XHTML electronic format pursuant to Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/815 (known as the ESEF Regulation); with the approval of the consolidated financial statements, the related mark-ups using XBRL tags have also been approved.