Organisational Model ex Ital.Legisl.Decree 231/2001

As of 13 September 2004, the Issuer adopted the Model of organisation, management and control (the “Model”) for the prevention of crimes in accordance with Ital.Legisl.Decree 231/01 and further  integrations. This procedure was also followed by the subsidiary companies with strategic  importance, which in their turn passed a resolution to use the respective Models ex  Ital.Legisl.Decree 231/01.

The model currently in force is divided into a general section, chiefly comprising the Code of Ethics and the Disciplinary system, and special individual sections  covering the various categories of offence envisaged to date in the decree.

Code of Ethics

Immsi believes it is important to clearly establish the set of values that the Company acknowledges, accepts and shares, as well as the set of rules and codes of conduct which, since its establishment, characterise the relations of the  same towards its employees and third parties and, more generally, characterise the Company’s business operations.

These principles are contained in the Code of Ethics: on one hand, the Company hopes that the same is spontaneously shared, adhered to and disseminated and on the other, calls for the application of the same by all individuals  that work for IMMSI or that come into contact with the same.

Internal and external stakeholders may report in good faith any violation or suspected violation through the following platform.

It should be noted that on the institutional websites of the other Group companies (Piaggio & C. S.p.A., Intermarine S.p.A., Is Molas S.p.A. and for Immsi Audit S.c. a r.l. at the following link there are similar digital platforms for the respective Reports.

Procedures for Transactions with Related Parties

The Issuer adopted a Procedure aimed at regulating the approval and management of Related Party dealings, pursuant to art. 4 of Consob Regulation No. 17221 dated 12 March 2010 (as subsequently amended), carried out by Immsi S.p.A., even through its subsidiaries. 

Procedures Market Abuse Regulation

In compliance with the Community provisions related to market abuse (Market Abuse Regulation), and the related implementation regulations of the European Commission, the Company has adopted the following procedures, and specifically:

  • the “Procedure for the Disclosure of Price-Sensitive Information”;
  • the “Procedure for management of the Register of Persons who have access to Price-Sensitive Information”; and
  • the “Procedure for the fulfilment of Internal Dealing obligations”.