On 2 September 2022, the Board of Directors, as recommended by the Board of Statutory Auditors, appointed Stefano Tenucci as Financial reporting officer until this position is revoked, giving him all powers and resources necessary to carry out duties assigned and in particular:

  • free access to all information considered important for fulfilling his duties, both within Immsi and within the companies in the Group, with the power to inspect all the documentation related to drawing up the accounting documents of Immsi and the Group and with the power to request explanations and elucidations of all the subjects involved in the process of forming the accounting data of Immsi and the Group;
  • attendance at the meetings of the Board of Directors;
  • the right to dialogue with every Administrative and Auditing Body;
  • the right to prepare and put forward for approval the company procedures, when they impact the balance sheet, the consolidated financial statements and the documents submitted for certification;
  • participation in designing the information systems that impact the economic, asset and financial situation, with the possibility of using them for purposes of auditing;
  • the right to organize a suitable structure within his own area of activity, internally employing the available resources and, where necessary, outsourcing;
  • the right to employ the Internal Audit function for mapping the processes of competence and in the phase of execution of specific checks, with the possibility, if this Function is not internally present, of using resources through outsourcing.

Lastly, it is specified that the Manager in charge of preparing the company accounts and documents must report, at least half-yearly, to the Board of Directors, on the activity carried on and the expenses sustained.