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The Immsi Group carries out research and development activities through the Piaggio group and the subsidiary Intermarine S.p.A.: below is a summary of the main current activities in the two respective sectors.


In 2020, the Piaggio group continued its policy to retain technological leadership in its sector, allocating €51.9 million to R&D. The main objective of the Piaggio group is to meet the most progressive needs for mobility, through a deep understanding of people and their habits, reducing the environmental impact and fuel consumption of its vehicles, ensuring customers excellent levels of performance. In its effort to ensure the sustainability of its products, the Piaggio group takes into account the entire life cycle, which comprises the design, procurement of raw materials, production, use of the product by customers and, finally, decommissioning, which consists in disassembly at the end of service life and in the disposal and/or recycling of the components and raw materials.

During its life cycle, every product directly and indirectly affects both the health and safety of people and the environment, understood as ecosystem quality. For this reason the Piaggio group focuses its R&D activities on developing innovative solutions to reduce the emission of pollutants and to increase the safety, reliability and recyclability of its products.


R&D Rodriquez Group

With reference to the naval sector, Intermarine S.p.A. pays particular attention to the activities of research, also with financing from the Ministry of University and Research (MIUR), the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of the Economic Development and the Liguria Region (FILSE). To develop some of the subjects concerning the research, it makes use also of the aid of universities and public research institutes. In particular, the activities of research and development can be divided into four main branches:

  • boats and prototypes;
  • plant engineering innovation;
  • production technologies of innovative materials;
  • technological innovation work



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