The Immsi Group carries out research and development activities through the Piaggio group and the subsidiary Intermarine S.p.A.: below is a summary of the main current activities in the two respective sectors.

In 2022, the Piaggio group continued its policy of retaining technological leadership in the sector, allocating total resources of €64.7 million to research and development, of which €41.1 million capitalised under intangible assets as development costs.
The Piaggio group's primary objective is to meet the most advanced mobility needs, deeply understanding people and their needs, reducing the environmental impact and improving the energy efficiency of its vehicles while continuing to guarantee excellent performance. In its effort to ensure the sustainability of its products, the Piaggio group takes into account the entire life cycle, which comprises the design, procurement of raw materials, production proper, use of the product by customers and, finally, decommissioning, which consists in disassembly at the end of service life and in the disposal and/or recycling of the components and raw materials.
In a society which is increasingly aware of the issue of sustainability, creating products with low environmental impact, in factories that are safe, non-polluting and do not waste resources, is becoming vital for survival.
Constant focus is placed on research into vehicles that are at the cutting edge in terms of: Ecology and ability to contribute to the mitigation of Climate Change, reliability and safety, recyclability and cost-effectiveness.

ricerca e sviluppo

With reference to the naval sector, Intermarine is investing in research and development to realise the potential of the (current) traditional minesweeper and to integrate it with the new emerging technologies of "autonomous" systems, in line with current market trends. The new generation of minesweepers, currently being studied with the Italian Navy, will be the result of this research, with the production of naval units of superior size and performance to those currently in use.
The company pays special attention to research, also accessing loans from the Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR), Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Economic Development and of the Region of Liguria (FILSE). To develop some issues concerning research, it is partnered by universities and public research organisations.