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Mantua, April 8th 2024 – With reference to the Extraordinary and Ordinary Shareholders’ meeting called for April 29th 2024 in first call and on April 30th 2024 in second call, Immsi S.p.A. informs that 1 list of candidates for the appointment of the Board of Directors under the item no. 4 on the agenda of the Ordinary Shareholders’ meeting subject to the approval of the amended text of the Articles of Association submitted under item no. 1 on the agenda of the Extraordinary Shareholders' meeting, has been filed as follow:

List deposited by Omniainvest S.p.A. (shareholding equal to 33,55% of the share capital)

1. Colaninno Matteo
2. Colaninno Michele
3. Barbara Giovanni
4. Quarta Fabrizio
5. Succi Gianpiero
6. Magnoni Ruggero
7. Discepolo Daniele
8. Molteni Giulia
9. Muserra Anna Lucia
10. Ricci Rosanna
11. Simonotto Alessandra
12. De Pasquale Patrizia

Please note that Omniainvest S.p.A. has also submitted proposals for resolutions regarding the appointment of the Board of Directors (number of members, term of office, remuneration).

The documentation pursuant to the article 144-octies of the Consob Regulation no. 11971/1999 and the proposals submitted by Omniainvest S.p.A. are available on the company’s institutional website (section “Governance/General Meeting/Archive/2024”), and on the central storage of regulated information system “eMarket STORAGE” available on the website