Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Issuer is composed of 12 members appointed by the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting held on April 30, 2021, on the basis of two lists of candidates submitted by the majority Shareholder Omniainvest SpA and by a group of non-institutional private shareholders (overall representing 2.502% of the share capital), in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association. The BoD thus constituted will remain in office until the date of the Shareholders' Meeting called to approve the financial statements for the year ended at December 31, 2023.

Board of directors
Office held
Full name
List (M/m)* Exec. Indep.  Remuneration and Appointment Proposals Committee
Internal Control Risk and Sustainability Committee
Parti correlate
Chairman Roberto
M yes

CEO and General Manager Michele
M yes

Vice President and LID
Daniele DiscepoloM yes yes yes  
Director Matteo

DirectorGianpiero SucciM     
DirectorPaola MignaniM yesyesyesyes
DirectorGiulia MolteniM yes   
DirectorAlessandra SimonottoM     
DirectorRosanna RicciM yesyesyesyes
DirectorPatrizia De PasqualeM yes   yes
DirectorPiercarlo Rossi
m yes
* This column indicates the M/m depending on whether the member was elected from the list voted by the majority (M) or by a Minority (m).


The Directors currently in office are in possession of the requirements of the Statute or other applicable provisions of law and regulations.