Nomination Committee

The Board of Directors of the Company, in compliance with the provisions of the Self-Regulatory Code of Conduct, has established an internal Nomination Committee comprising the Independent Directors.


The Board od Directors appointed as members of Nomination Committee:

  • the Independet Director Daniele Discepolo (Chairman);
  • the Independet Director Paola Mignani;
  •  the Independet Director Rita Ciccone.


The Appointment Proposal Committee has the duty of ensuring that the presentation procedure for lists set by the Articles of Association takes place correctly and transparently, in respect of applicable legislation and the Articles of Association. After it has checked the presentation procedure for lists, ensuring specifically that documents filed with the lists are complete and filing deadlines are met, the Committee arranges the formalities for presenting the lists to the General Shareholders' Meeting convened for the appointment of the Board of Directors or its members.

Pursuant to the application criterion 5.C.1 letters a) and b) of the Code, the Appointment Proposal Committee also gives opinions to the Board, if and when necessary, on the size and composition of the committee or makes recommendations on the professional figures whose presence on the Board is deemed appropriate, and proposes to the Board candidates for directorships in cases of co-optation when independent directors need to be replaced.


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